Pawba Pooch n Peeps Tours




1.1 Parties

The Participant is the person/s named in the booking form or in attendance. The Participant is deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions below. Pawba Pooch n Peeps Tours (PPPT) means Pawba Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 642 734 807) care of A&T Accountants and Advisers, Unit 2, 24 Mercer Lane, Joondalup WA 6027 or its employees, agents, partners or contractors to the extent that such parties are authorised to represent PPPT. 

1.2 Definitions

Dog means any dog either participating in the Tour or any dog in a public place which is visited during the Tour.

Injury means any loss, damage, illness, harm or death or any related claim.

Tour means any Tour organised by PPPT, such as but not limited to the following;

(i) winery and bus tours;

(ii) private tours;

(iii) events; and

(iv) Dog Training


2.1 The Participant:

(a) Acknowledges that transport for the duration of the Tour may be provided by bus, and the Participant acknowledges and accepts the inherent risk of injury and spread of illness between Participants and Dogs as a result of the transportation of Dogs in close proximity to each other.

(b) Releases and indemnifies PPPT, its employees, contractors, agents and representatives against any and all claims or actions of any kind arising from:

(i) any Injury of any kind sustained during the Tour including but not limited by an incident inflicted by a Dog upon any other Dog or Participant throughout the duration of the Tour. The Participant is liable for all damages and costs incurred as a result of any Injury in any way related to themselves or their Dog.

(ii) Injury or illness sustained by any Dog or Participant in any way related to the transportation of the Participants and Dogs.

(c) Is 18 years of age or over and will provide suitable identification if requested by PPPT.

(d) Will notify PPPT prior to the Tour if they or the Dog are suffering or may reasonably suspect that they may be suffering any medical conditions which place themselves or other Participants and Dogs at risk. This includes but is not limited to communicable diseases including Covid19. This includes being in isolation, being in contact with another person who has been exposed and testing positive to a communicable disease. A breach of this provision is a fundamental breach of these terms and Conditions and the Participant indemnifies PPPT against all and any loss, claim or damages related to such breach.

(e) Confirms that they are able to alight and enter a standard type tour bus with steps unassisted.

(f) At all times behave towards PPPT staff, other Participants and venue staff with courtesy and respect and will follow directions provided by PPPT.

(g) Will ensure that their Dog is fully insured and acknowledges that PPPT has no insurance related to the transport, control or care of Dogs and is in no way liable for any loss, damage, injury, claim, incident, effect or unfortunate circumstance in any way related to the Dog or the Tour.

2.2 PPPT may allow at their discretion, a mixture of both de sexed and entire dogs to participate on all Tours. PPPT accepts no liability for any accident, illness or injury to any person or Dog or any claim arising as a result of the participation of both de sexed and entire Dogs including any accidental pregnancy.

2.3 PPPT may require that all Dogs are wearing appropriate transport harnesses during transport. Venue may also require harnesses. If PPPT provides a harness the Participant will hold harmless and indemnify PPPT from any incident, event or effect in any way related to the Dog’s use of the harness.  

2.4 Each Dog must have an individual Participant unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the Tour.


3.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for all Tours must be made in full upon booking. Additional terms may apply when booking online and the Participant acknowledges that it has read and agreed to all such online terms.

3.2 Tour venues may have their own rules related to Dogs. PPPT will provide these rules to Participants who must ensure that they are followed at all times. Participants indemnify PPPT for any failure to meet such rules.

3.3 Whilst PPPT is careful in its Tour venue selection, PPPT is not liable for any services or products provided by Tour venues. Participants release PPPT from any liability associated with Tour venue services or products and acknowledge that Participants must contact the relevant venue directly for any complaints or claims. 

3.4 PPPT will advise Participants if the Tour is cancelled 18 hours prior to the departure time. PPPT may offer a transfer to an alternative date or a refund at its sole discretion.

3.5 PPPT reserves the right to refuse any Dog or Participant to join a Tour for a breach of any of the requirements of these terms and conditions or if PPPT reasonably believes that the Participant or Dog could not safely or comfortably participate in the Tour with the other Participants. This right extends to refusal for Dog or Participant behaviour. PPPT may require a Participant and Dog to leave the Tour after it has begun at any location for safety reasons or any serious misconduct (as defined by PPPT at its reasonable discretion). In such case, the Participant is liable for arranging and the cost of its further transport. No refunds will be considered.

3.6 PPPT reserves the right to change the destination or reschedule any Tour if due to circumstances beyond PPPT control, such as bushfire or flood, it is deemed unsafe or impracticable for the Tour to visit a particular location.

3.7 If the Participant wishes to transfer to another date with between 7 days and 3 days prior to the tour then an administration fee of $40 will be charged per booking.

3.8 No transfers or refunds will be accepted with less than 3 days notice and the Participant will forfeit the full ticket price. 

3.9 If the Participant provides at least 7 days notice of their intention to cancel then PPPT may offer a transfer to another Public Tour of the same Tour type and value within 90 days of the original Tour date or a refund at its discretion.

3.10 PPPT will consider refunds at its sole discretion acting reasonably however the Participant acknowledges that PPPT has non recoverable costs associated with Participant cancellation and accepts that PPPT’s decision related to any refund is final.

3.11 Tickets purchased for a Private Tour cannot be transferred and must be used for the nominated Private Tour. If the Participant and the Dog cannot participate in the Private Tour for any reason, ticket monies will not be refunded and the Participant and Dog shall forfeit to PPPT all ticket monies paid.

3.12 Participants must pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure the Private Tour. Private Tours will have pick up and drop off locations within 50km of Perth CBD and a maximum of 2 pick up and 2 drop off locations per Tour.

3.13 PPPT requires the full monies to be paid not less than 15 days prior to a Private Tour. If this has not been paid, then the deposit is forfeited and the Tour cancelled.


4.1 The Participant will ensure that the Dog/s:

(a) Is hydrated and has emptied its bladder and bowels;

(b) Is in good physical health and is up to date on all worming, flea treatment.The Participant undertakes to advise Pooch-n-Peeps of any medical conditions, medication or treatment for the Dog prior to the Tour commencing.

(c) Is wearing a flat collar with identification details attached.

(d) Is wearing a suitable non retractable restraint as advised by PPPT from time to time.

(e) Is not suffering from any contagious illness, such as Canine cough, and has not displayed any symptoms of a contagious illness in the 21 days prior to the Tour.

(f) Does not have a history of behavioural problems or aggression that may pose a risk to other dogs or humans.

(g) Is well socialised and able to cope in close proximity to other dogs and humans for lengthy periods.


5.1 When dinning / eating please be respectful of others. Please choose a table that suites your hygiene believes and practises. The following choices have been designed because not all people think alike when it comes to dogs being involved around food that is to be consumed by humans. If this does concern you, please speak to your Pooch-n-Peeps bus driver on the day of your tour / event and appropriate seating will be organised for you and your dog. 

(a) People who want their dog/s to sit on their lap whilst open or uncovered food is sitting on the table / bench. 

(b) People who don’t want their dog/s to sit on their lap whilst open or uncovered food is sitting on the table / bench.


PPPT will only use Participant personal information for the purposes of the Tour and will not be released to any third party without the prior consent of the Participant. A copy of PPPT’s privacy policy is available on request. 


7.1 The Participant authorises PPPT to use and reproduce any photos or filming of the Participant and the Dog taken on the Tour for the purposes of the PPPT website, social media sites or and any media or any advertising or marketing material. The Participant may request no media is published containing the Particiapnt and Dog and reasonable effort will be made by PPPT to exclude the Participant and the Dog from all Tour media.